Born in Athens, Greece, Nick grew up in a fertile cultural and musical period at the early eighties. He started his first post punk band called “Prisoners” at the age of fifteen together with his friends doing their first rehearsals and concerts in the grey industrial zone of Piraeus port.

At mid eighties Nick’s computer programming studies and synths knowledge helped him to step deeper into the world of electronic music and digital art. Alongside the same time tried to express images and feelings through digital art creations combining with his musical ideas and experimented so to create interactivity between them.

At early nineties was the singer and guitar player in a fairly successful alternative underground band at that time in Greece, Sonar Blips (Wipe Out Records). Over the years he has played and collaborated with other artists experimenting through different music genres.

Today Nick creates pieces of music trying to differentiate and surpass the limits of specific genres with basic philosophy that there is no evolution in art without the presence of internal or social reversals.

The last years has created many genre agnostic songs that are meant to travel the listener to the world of electronic music.

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08.10.2016 - Philosophy, theories, criticism and conclusions have zero value when our attitude shows the opposite..

26.09.2016 - I am trapped inside a narcissist society. Everything begins and ends within the ego. And now silence ...

22.09.2016 - The first live performance of Paralogik will take place within the last two months of 2016. For further details will be informed by this website as from the the Social media.

16.09.2016 - Dystopia, new Paralogik teaser video from last gig (unproccesed material)

03.05.2016 - Annoying Things song opens a new era of experimentation. Distinctive layered Sounds which are taken from the nature as well as from the urban environment.The crushed rhythmic elements joined together discreetly with other sounds, creating a predisposition to the listener to travel deeper into the underlying universe.

15.12.2015 - Can we discover our true self and actual feelings judging primarily through the superiority of our ego? Wonder if there can be real human relationships by reducing and controlling the interaction which is built through our ego and through entrenched conclusions..

25.08.2015 - We live within the limits of the hypocrisy of our societies … Living daily through our insecurities . We route everything through rules and laws. For everything there is a magic pill. And let our true self … aside. Is there selflessness and true love out there ;

01.01.2015 - Starting with the name Paralogik which is a paraphrase of the Greek word "παράλογο", two humans and musicians Gene and Nick are experimenting and trying to express through their music many unresolved social and esoteric concerns in a world where egoism, fear, greediness, hypocrisy and irrationality has replaced most of the times anything reasonable. Their industrial and dark sound travels through ethereal melodic light which eventually leads to the truth and real .

08.04.2014 - GREECE A COUNTRY OF TOLERANCE - There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt. – John Adams

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